The Secrets Have Been Revealed!

Learn how to get lean and look strong without a strict dieting


The Secrets Have Been Revealed!

Learn how to get lean and look strong without a strict dieting

What will you learn on the course?

Forget hiring nutritionists and trainers after this training! The top level of knowledge you are about to learn will prepare you to take care of your own fitness results, cut body fat and lose weight efficiently at any age. Check out what you will learn:

Who is the course for?

Enough about nutrition myths! The LIfestyle Nutrition training is made for committed men that are putting in the hard work and cannot see results, or are having very small progress. Go to the next level!

This training is a part of a fitness coaching program that was designed to help busy career-focused men to get rid of the dad bod and get in shape once for all.

After this nutrition training you will finally learn how to get in shape without having to give up on your favorite foods, without cutting carbohydrates and you will enjoy great food while seeing results in the mirror.

It’s guaranteed to see results in the next 30 days if you apply the knowledge and combine it with consistent exercising.



  1. Coaching Program & Overview

Extra Video #1 – The Vitamins You Should Take & Why

  1. Calories & Macros Explained

Extra Video #2 – How to Use a Food Scale

Extra Video #3 – How to Use MyFitnessPal For Beginners

  1. Macros Tracking in Action
  2. Tools & Fat Burning Strategies

Extra Video #4 – [EXCLUSIVE] Meal Prep Planner Tool – Google Sheets

The Easiest Way To Find Your Kcal

The Easiest Way To Find Your Macros

Should You Track Calories or Macros?

The Only Rule You Have To Follow

The Weighing Food Experiment in The Kitchen

How to Use MyFitnessPal App

Building Your Meal Plan In The App

Hacks to Speed Up Your Daily Tracking

Connecting MyFitnessPal App to Apple Watch & The Health App









What investment value?

One-Time Payment of


or 2x US$129.00

30 Days Money Back Guaranteed

If within 30 days of the purchase you realize that it makes no sense to continue, you can request the cancellation yourself on the teaching platform and have the amount invested back without any kind of bureaucracy.


About me

Hi, I’m John Teles!

I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist by The International Sports Sciences Association, which is based in the US.

Today, I’m in shape and I teach other men to get in shape too, but back then it wasn’t like that. I struggled a lot to find the right information to get in shape.

I found out that everyone else has been complicating fitness (unnecessarily). So, I’m here to make it simple, fast, efficient and fun. For me, knowledge is to be passed along, not held.

I teach busy and career-focused men to succeed in fitness, get in shape, be healthy, live longer to spend more quality time with their loved ones, and above all, have a great life feeling confident even on the beach, with minimum clothes on.

Is that what you want to accomplish? So, don’t hesitate to register and start applying what I am teaching in the LIfestyle Nutrition training.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

No. All videos are recorded and ready to be watched. And almost every video has extra material to be downloaded. You have 1 year access to the platform.

However, if you want to participate in live training, you can request access to join our exclusive Facebook™ group, where we host weekly live training sessions about many fitness topics.

Join us at Dad Bod Transformation Cut Facebook™ group.

No. You can split the payment in two months. A down payment and another payment in 30 days using a credit card or PayPal option.

The most used payment types are: Credit Card and PayPal.

It’s a total of 20 video trainings. The pace of the training is up to you.

Don’t worry. Every video in the platform has a comment section to ask questions and you will have my email address to contact me at any time you need.

No way! You can request your money back within 30 days. No question asked.

If you apply everything you learn and exercise at least 30 minutes a day and 4 days a week, you will see visible results in 30 days.

No. This training is for personal use only. You won’t be certified as a nutritionist.

No. This online training is only about nutrition.


If you want a fully custom fitness plan made around your lifestyle and 24/7 fitness support, you can schedule a free coaching call with me HERE.


The Lifestyle Nutrition training is included in our fitness coaching program.

It is taught 100% in English.

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